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  • UPC: 786541140985
  • SKU: 10200566
  • Model Number: 22890
Tasting and smelling like acorns, a major portion of a deer's normal fall diet. Deer love these hardened mineral based blocks that are made extra sweet with molasses added to the acorn taste.

  • UPC: 786541304950
  • SKU: 10200567
  • Model Number: 22890

Treat your bucks with the apple taste they love, while delivering to them the nutrients they need. Wildlife require special minerals and when blended with natural apple flavor, they will consume as much as they can store. Put this block out and watch it disappear. Deer love these apple blocks and will lick them till they're gone.

  • UPC: 787000000000
  • SKU: 10211531
  • Model Number: 34085
Evolved Habitats Stump Likker Liquid Minerals 1Gal. Deers love molasses, crave minerals, and enjoy gnawing stumps.

  • UPC: 786541340996
  • SKU: 10200564
Sweet corn is the candy grain crop that deer, moose and elk love. We have formulated a sweet corn flavored mineral block sweetened with molasses that will satisfy their craving for sweet corn while providing a mineral supplement that all wildlife need.

  • UPC: 789976000053
  • SKU: 02111767
  • Model Number: 704959
Kraze Contains \"Devour\", a scientifically developed and tasted scent and flavor enhancer that drives deer wild! Kraze satisfies a deer's inherent craving for specific types of sugars.

  • UPC: 786541440993
  • SKU: 10200563
Wild persimmons are the favorite fruit of deer, providing a food source after many other natural sources have dried up during the fall months.

  • Manufacturer: Cargill
  • SKU: 20059377

Agway® Northeast Deer Feed Textured is designed to be fed as a supplement for deer. Highly palatable. Amino acids and trace minerals ensure optimum utilization and enhanced metabolic performance.

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